More than 100 British people from Ibiza pay tribute to Elizabeth II on the day of her funeral. | Daniel Espinosa

Unable to hold back tears and with tissues in their hands. This is how dozens of British people from Ibiza lived yesterday the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who died 11 days ago at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

In total, more than 100 Britons gathered this Monday at the Cebo tavern to pay a farewell tribute to «their queen», a farewell that lasted more than five hours in this place in Sant Antoni.
Before noon, the beginning of the ceremony, the English attendees began to occupy the wooden tables of the tavern to live, glued to the local televisions, all the solemn acts of the funeral.

A noisy and agitated arrival that contrasted with the minutes of silence that reigned in the tavern once the coffin of the Queen left the Palace of Westminster and began to travel on a catafalque several meters until it reached Westminster Abbey, where the mass was held.

«After the state funeral of President John F. Kennedy and the solemn act for Mahatma Gandhi, this ceremony is the most important in the world. More than 2,000 guests, 500 top world leaders and a billion people glued to the television to watch this farewell,» said Martin Makepeace, president of the Association of British Residents and Businessmen in Sant Antoni and its Bay (Arebri), somewhat moved.

Alongside him were his compatriots David Reynolds and Peter Hackinson, who kept an eye on the screen. «A lot of people came to the farewell. I was surprised by the presence of several young people, they are very involved in this commemorative event. Although it's the older ones who are visibly moved,» Martin explained as he nodded to Peter.

No wonder. The man, who was with his wife inside the venue, has lived through the longest reign of the longest reigning monarch since she was crowned in 1953. «I remember being seven years old when I witnessed this event with my family in London. I will never forget the image of Elizabeth II wearing the imperial crown,» stressed this British veteran with glassy eyes.
Undoubtedly, this ceremony held 70 years ago marked the beginning of a historic reign that, according to this Englishman, will be difficult to surpass.

Mixed feelings

Despite the sadness experienced this Monday for the funeral of Elizabeth II, moments of positivity were also observed in those present. «It is a good day to close one era and open another. We have to bet on Charles III as the new king of England. We know that matching his mother is very complicated, she was an example for everyone, but we must not put pressure on him,» Martin explained while Cristin Mayer nodded to his words. The woman and her friend Debi were staring unblinkingly at the screen waiting, like everyone else present, for the Queen to make her final journey to Windsor Castle, where the monarch was buried next to her husband, Philip of Edinburgh.

Connecting generations

«We are very monarchical and she, during her reign, has been able to connect several eras and several generations. That's why people of all ages have come today to pay her a farewell tribute and celebrate her life,» Martin explained.

In this sense, it is worth remembering that the British people of Ibiza sent a message of condolences to Buckingham Palace in London after the death of the Queen. It was the members of the British Association of San Antonio who went to leave a personal letter in tribute to Elizabeth II.

In this message, the British thanked her for her more than 70 years of «selfless» and «unwavering» service to their nation and the Commonwealth. «Your work is done, but we are sure you have passed on your wisdom to King Charles III to carry on his incredible legacy. Happy slumber your Majesty,» the missive ended. Undoubtedly, with this farewell, England faces many changes, a new stage that has already seen how the traditional 'God Save the Queen' has given way to a new 'God Save the King', the national anthem of the United Kingdom that after many years is changing again for the British. «A new era awaits us. May it be as prosperous as the last,» Martin said.