It wasn't exactly the 'walk of shame'. Everyone who saw the video of the couple having sex in one of the toilets on an EasyJet plane on the Luton-Ibiza route wondered what it was like to return to their seats after being caught red-handed by a crew member and the entire plane.

Well, in the last few hours the video with the images of that precise moment has been released. The truth is that they travelled along the way amidst cheers from the rest of the passengers, whose destination was the Es Codolar terminal. The woman leads the procession raising her arms in triumph while many other passengers pat the other protagonist of the scene on the shoulder.

The young man's mother told The Sun, as reported by the Daily Star, that she was «ashamed» of the situation and said it was «not something a mother wants to see». She also said she believes the pair met at the airport and «were having a good time» and then «this happened».